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Heart Healthy Tips

What’s the importance of hearth healthy tips? All the body’s organs work hard to provide us with the functionality we need to get through the day (and night). And the heart is a hard worker – getting all that blood around your body is no easy job, and requires a lot of activity. Your heart […]


How to Protect Skin at the Beach

Ever wonder why and how to protect skin during the summer, especially at the beach? Protecting the skin is important to prevent premature aging of the skin and skin cancers. Skin cancer and premature aging of the skin can happen when the skin is exposed to too much strong sunlight and the risk increases if […]

Sexy man showing his six-packs while woman standing in background

How to Get a Six Pack: The Ultimate Guide To Solid Abs

I want great abs, you want great abs. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t be reading this how to get a six pack article. Really who doesn’t want a nice set of abdominal muscles? A six pack is associated with being in great physical shape as well as general athletic prowess. But alas, many of […]


Healthy Eyes Equal a Healthy You

Romantics have always considered the eyes to be the window to the soul, and you never heard Shakespeare writing about Romeo gazing into Juliet’s eyes and telling her that she has liver disease, but medical experts now think that that would have been the much more likely scenario (well, provided Romeo was a doctor…). Ophthalmologists […]


The Effects of Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes also known as artificial sweeteners are often a tempting alternative to real sugar. They tend to be low in calories, and they seem like a reasonably healthy way of satisfying a sweet tooth. In reality, though, sugar substitutes can have several adverse effects on the body. Severe Obesity Sugar substitutes can have several […]

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