20 Healthy Foods for Everyone


Falling in love with healthy food is as inevitable as surrounding yourself with positive people! Doesn’t matter how much tempting unhealthy food and negative people may seem, at the end of the day they are going to turn toxic to your well-being. And precaution has always been better than cure, so if you have not shifted to healthy food till today, it’s high time to do now! If you eat healthy, you become way healthier than you can ever imagine and once you are a healthy person, nothing can stop you from following your passion and with numerous grocery offers running online, chasing good health is not at all extravagant anymore, so get started quickly!

1.     Oatmeal

Sufficient amount of Fiber and protein is must for living a healthy and fit lifestyle and oats aid very well by providing the same to our body. Oatmeal makes you feel fuller, improves digestion, provides energy, serves as a brilliant breakfast option to start up your day and much more. You must not opt for artificially flavored and crushed oats available these days as they offer nothing as compared to the original oatmeal. And if you prefer to cook them with spices, ensure that you use light and healthy oils like olive oil etc.

berry oatmeal

2.     Almonds

Almonds synonymies with health benefits! They serve as a great on the go snacking option which proves to be impeccable for fighting bad cholesterol, improving brain functioning, stronger bones & teeth, getting rid of heart attacks and a lot more. You must eat them as raw; avoid consuming roasted or fried variants. From ancient time they have been known for their never-ending benefits and are serving us with the same till today.

3.     Perfectly scrambled eggs

Just 5 minutes and you are ready to have a full breakfast packed up with the power of eggs. Eggs undoubtedly are a great means to have proteins and serve as a commendable way to begin your day; you can cook scrambled eggs in different versions of the dish and add more health, taste and joy to your table.

4.     Apples

This miraculous fruit helps you in fighting continuous hunger pangs with its richness of fiber, vitamin C and several antioxidants. It makes you feel full and thereby serves as a great snacking option. One to two apples a day is deemed to be adequate consumption limit, however it depends from person to person. An apple a day keeps a doctor away is something that all of us must have heard of and it is surely true!


5.     Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read right, chocolates can be healthy too! Dark chocolates with more than 70% cocoa in them serve appreciatively amazing for fighting health disease, lowering down inflammation, solving blood pressure issues, keeping blood vessels flexible and much more! The trick you need to facilitate its moderate consumption on a regular basis for noticeable results.

6.     Lemonade with honey

Lemons are not less than a blessing to the mankind! These bright tangy and juicy fruits contain too many benefits and serve as a tremendous detox too.  Pure honey is yet another powerful source of energy and a combination of lemonade with honey works great in achieving weight loss goals. It is easy to make and is budget friendly. Besides this, both of these ingredients serve very beneficial for getting a clearer, brighter and youthful skin.

7.     Watermelon

Watermelons are the most fascinating fruit we have! Its taste, juiciness, benefits are inexpressible. It is rich in vitamins, contains no fat at all, helpful in combating cancer & heart diseases and works great as a detox. But you need not to consume it more than the acceptable limit as it is high in sugar and that might proves dangerous.

8.      Classic cucumber water

Cucumber is your best companion if you are looking forward to cherish a healthy and gorgeous life! And this detox water is one of the most classic infused waters available and today and is supportive in enhancing brain health, combating inflammation and getting rid of bad breath issues. It will be surprising to know that most of the detox water recipes we have today are a different version of this classic recipe.

9.      Butter milk

Don’t get confused from butter; as butter milk helps you in removing all the extra kilos you have putted on due to butter! This drink if prepared from low fat yoghurt works tremendously for a better health and is considered as one of the lightest, joyous, soothing and relaxing drink during summers.

10.    Bell Peppers

Just the way bell peppers look colorful and beautiful, in the same way they serve as a fantastic option for satisfying health purposes too. You can add these tasty, crunchy and sweet peppers to any dish or use them in a salad. They are a really good means of vitamin C and hence amazing for health too.

11.     Chia Seeds

These seeds are small but the nutrients they contain are not! They are an incredible source of antioxidants, protein, omega3 and fiber. They are available in diversified varieties and can be easily added to breads, baked items or swelled with water for enhanced fiber consumption and definitely a better digestive system.

chia seeds

12.    Super Smoothie

Who said eating healthy is boring? Smoothies are a true example that it is not at all! You can have different smoothies for breakfast and feel refreshed all day long. Beware from sugars and prepare a super green smoothie with Greek yoghurt, ripe banana and avocadoes. Once you are done with the method of preparing this, feel free to consume it regularly for improved results.

13.     Beet root

One another highly nutritious food that comes with innumerable health benefits! Beet roots can be cooked or eaten in too many ways and every way helps in increasing the nutrient count of your diet without consuming too much calories and fat intake. They contain boron that makes you feel energized and are known to lower the blood pressure.

14.    Strawberry mint detox water

Detox waters are a gregarious way to incorporate the spark of health in your daily life. Strawberries are known to be embedded with magical antioxidants that enhance health by improving conditions from the cellular level. This water when combined with watermelon and mint doesn’t serve less than the powerhouse of nutrients.

15.     Blueberries

These super tasty little berries are known to aid in weight loss drastically as they are filled up with numerous antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and manganese. You can eat them as a fruit or you can blend them down with other ingredients for preparing delicious smoothies to soothe your life.

16.     Quinoa

This astounding food item has been termed as one of the best source of proteins and carbs and that too without any fat or cholesterol. It can be accessed via supermarkets and can be consumed in many ways. It is a must have if you are a vegetarian seeking for protein in your diet or on a weight loss journey.


17.     Grilled green veggies

Green vegetables are renowned for the blessing they serve in this not so healthy world of today. You can simply grill and roast some of your favorites in a pan or bake them in an oven and you are all set for a nutritious delight. Cook in olive oil to and don’t add anything but salt and pepper.

18.    Bananas

Bananas are the most amazing source of potassium and provide you with instant energy. They are highly portable and a great source of fiber and vitamin B6 too. Eating a banana as soon as you wake up helps in boosting metabolism and starting the day well. Well avoid eating it too much as it boosts up your insulin level too and if you are diabetic, stay away from it.

19.    Toasted Avocados

This wonderful dish is super easy to prepare, exciting and nutritious at the same time! All you need is ripe avocado, sea salt, pepper, olive oil and toast to experience this one. Avocadoes are known to contain good fats that help in shedding the bad ones; they improve eyesight and lower down blood glucose levels too. Just slice the avocado, put it on the toast with olive oil, sprinkle sea salt & pepper and you are ready to have it.

20.   Tomatos

We consume tomatoes almost regularly in one way or the other. They contain lycopene that aids fighting heart disease and cancer and the vitamins & minerals present in it works well to improve your cardiovascular system. You can cook them, blend them, make salads and much more but the ketchup you have with pizza won’t count here!

Healthy is the New Wealthy

All the money you earn will be a waste, if you aren’t healthy enough to utilize those funds in the most impeccable manner. And being a healthy person is not an instant science, it takes time. You need to be clear about your goals, eat super healthy food, exercise often and much more in order to become a true fitness freak. All these food items will work wonders if you use them as mentioned and avoid overusing them.  So, are you ready to transform your lives? If yes then be friends with these wonderfully healthy food items. Happy fitness!

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