15 Tips to Relocate Smoothly and Smartly


Relocating from one house to another is a tedious task and you do not realize about the stuff you have until you decide to pack. Due to the unanticipated amount of effort required, it might be a tiresome experience and would leave you frustrated. To make your relocating experience smooth and eliminate any issues or shortcomings, we and San Francisco moving company bring to you a list of 15 tips that come handy while moving your house; thereby making it an effortless and seamless experience for you!

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  1. Make a list of the items you have

It is a great idea to make a list of all the items you are planning to move, as you can prepare for it accordingly.

  1. Start gathering boxes

Based on your list of items, you will have to buy or gather boxes that can fit your items so that it is safe during transit.

  1. Mark your boxes based on the room

Mark or color the boxes based on the room from items are packed into the box; so that unpacking becomes easy.

  1. Pack the valuables and fragile items with care

When you are packing fragile and valuable items, take extra care and do not make it obvious if it is valuable.

  1. Use Protective packing methods

If anything is fragile or breakable, make use of pillows or clothes to roll them up, so that it is safe from the harsh handlers.

  1. Click all the furniture

When you are dismantling furniture for packing, click a picture and make a note of the dimensions as well; so that you can decide where to unpack them.

  1. Keep the cables together

If you are packing any electronics, the related cables should be packed together; lest they get misplaced.

  1. Start getting rid of the unnecessary things

When you are shifting, it is perhaps a nice time to get rid of things that you don’t require; this helps you save a lot of space and transportation becomes easier.

  1. Use suitcases and bags

Bags and suitcases can be used for stuffing and packing books; as it becomes easy to carry.

  1. Take off the light bulbs

The light bulbs at your old place must be removed and packed safely; just in case you forget.

  1. Start emptying your fridge

You should stop shopping for grocery a few days before you plan to move, so that there is nothing in the fridge.

  1. Keep the boxes light

The boxes you pack should be kept light and do not stuff all the weight in a single box and make it heavy.

  1. Pest Control at your new place

Arrange for a pest control before you move in to your new place, as it might get difficult later.

  1. Stock up essentials separately

The essential stuff you will need as soon as you move to a new place should be kept handy, so that you can open it easily.

  1. Say ‘Hi’ to your neighbors

It is a great idea to know your neighbors beforehand; pay them a friendly visit before moving in.


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