10 Great High Fiber Foods for Hemorrhoid Sufferers


High Fiber FoodsA huge percentage of the adult population experiences hemorrhoids especially as they age. The symptoms of this condition can be the following: anal pain, burning, itching and bleeding. The possible causes are pregnancy, obesity, prolonged sitting, constipation brought by unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Thus, dietary changes can offer the best relief for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids sufferers should consume a diet that is high in fiber to help facilitate healthy bowel movement. High fiber diet can also reduce the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. Ideally, you should get 1bout 20-30 grams of fiber each day.

So, here are the top 10 foods that are rich in fiber:

1. Apples

Apples are naturally rich in fiber. You can consume it as it is or in other forms such as juices. This fruit is inexpensive and easily accessible. Just remember not to peel the apples since most of the fiber are contained it its edible peels. Also, apple peels are excellent source of phytochemicals and other nutrients. In fact, a medium size apple contains 4-5 grams of fiber.

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains contain more protein and fiber compared to refined grains like white flour. Whole grain products that are rich in fiber include cold cereals, brown rice and oatmeal. Thus, you should be careful when selecting the type of whole grains you are including in your diet.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth is a type of seed that is almost similar to grains. It is a major source of fiber and can be easily used in cooking. A cup of amaranth contains about 5-6 grams of fiber. Add it to your favorite dishes or soups along with a bit of protein as it can do so much in fulfilling your dietary fiber requirements.

4. Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries and other kinds of berries have great fiber content. The fiber in these is mainly found on the skin and seeds, so make sure you eat plenty of berries.

5. Beans

Beans are not only perfect for your heart, but for the colon as well. Black and white beans are the most fiber rich variety. Add it to your salads or soups and enjoy meals rich in fiber.

6. Lentils and other legumes

Legumes such as red lentils are ultra rich in fiber. Half cup servings of legumes contain around 4 grams of protein. So, consume more legumes and less meat for a healthier colon.

7. Greens

Greens such as spinach contain added fiber making them ideal for hemorrhoid sufferers. A bunch of spinach contains about 8 grams of fiber.

8.  Carrots

Apart from being from its rich beta-carotene content, carrots are also a great fiber source. Half a cup of raw or cooked carrots contain 2-3 grams of dietary fiber.

9. Flax Seeds

These seeds contain both insoluble and soluble fiber that can serve different purposes. A tablespoon of flax seeds contain around 2 grams of fiber.

10. Nuts

Nuts such as pecans, almonds and walnuts have higher fiber content compared to other types of nuts. So, make it a habit to snack on nuts and you will get a good amount of fiber.

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