10 Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dogs


It is tempting to let your dog eat what they want. After all, who in their right mind wants to refuse those big brown eyes? Will a little amount of table scraps really hurt your dog? The truth really depends on the food itself. Southern Arizona Veterinarians are often forced to help poor pooches who have ingested the wrong type of food, often by their owner’s willingness!


  1. AvocadoNo matter how tasty and well-made your avocado is, you should never feed it to your dog. Avocados have a little something called persin inside. Harmless to humans who aren’t allergic, but toxic to dogs. Person is found in the seeds, leaves, bark as well as the fruit. Keep this in mind if you are growing some at home!
  2. AlcoholDon’t give your dog any type of alcohol. It has the same effect on dogs’ livers as humans, but takes much less to become fatal. Never give your dog beer, wine, spirits, liquor or food that contains alcohol. Just avoid it at all costs; it does horrible things to dogs.
  3. Onions and GarlicAny type of onion or garlic should never be given to dogs. Cooked, chopped, powdered, raw and stewed onions and garlic can stop the dog from creating red blood cells, which leads to anemia and death in bad cases.
  4. CaffeineThis means no coffee, tea or red bull for your little friend. Caffeine causes poisoning in dogs and there is no cure yet. This is also why dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, as caffeine is a common ingredient.
  5. Grapes and RaisinsGrapes and raisins are often used as treats for dogs. It’s a bad idea. The cause isn’t known, but dogs that consume grapes and raisins tend to get kidney issues and eventually kidney failure. It only takes a small amount to trigger the dog to start vomiting and it only gets worse from there.
  6. Milk and DairyIt might be tempting to share your ice cream with your best friend, but it’s not good for them! Though not fatal, milk and dairy cause diarrhea and other stomach upsets.
  7. Macadamia NutsIt only takes six macadamia nuts consumed by a dog to become fatal. All types of the nut should never, under any circumstance be fed to a dog. Make sure if you use these in cooking that none fall on the floor or go near the dog.
  8. Candy and GumCandy, sweets, gum, toothpaste and diet foods are sweetened with a little something called xylitol. Xylitol causes a dog’s blood sugar to drop due to spiked insulin levels. After a few days, the dog’s liver will fail and death is usually followed.
  9. ChocolateMost of us know that chocolate is bad for dogs. As Well as caffeine which we mentioned earlier, the worst thing in chocolate is called theobromine. Even just a small amount can send the dog into vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizure and death.
  10. Fat Trimmings and Table scrapsAny fat that your dog consumes might lead to pancreatitis, as well as other table scraps which could be just about anything. No matter how hungry Fido looks, don’t feed him those scraps!

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