10 Facts About Yellow Colored Fruit


orangesFruits are healthy and a daily 5 portions of fruit are recommended by the health experts to give your body the daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies go hand in hand, but they can’t replace each other. Fruit has its peculiarity and the different colors of these fruits are known for trapping variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants into every portion which go a long way for your health. Every color has its significance and when your fruit portion contains all these colors in right proportion then your fruit portion would serve as complete power packed meal.

While there are many fruit colors that together add rainbow colors to your fruit portions, having more yellow would make it even healthier.

What makes yellow fruit so healthy? Not many people know about the health benefits of yellow fruits but the latest studies published in Journal of Health and Nutrition have brought forward many health facts about yellow fruits that every health conscious person may know.

10 amazing health facts about yellow fruits

1.       Instant mood booster

It has been said that food is first eaten by eyes and then by mouth. The yellow colored fruit that is bright and visually appealing would act as an instant mood booster as it will affect your senses positively. The yellow color is the color of light and would fill your body and mind with instant energy.

2.       Fights the chances of prostate cancer

The flavonoids packed in yellow color has proven effect on various types of cancers and especially prostate cancer. It would regulate the renal function and prevent many urological issues.

3.       Powerful eyesight

Vitamin A, the primary constituent of yellow fruit would make your eyesight stronger. It works as an antioxidant that eliminates most of the issues related to retina and weak eyesight.

4.       Brings down LDL level

LDL, often referred as bad cholesterol would be the main reason behind the heart ailments. Including more of yellow fruits in your diet would increase the level of HDL and reduce the LDL levels too resulting in healthy heart.

5.       Healthy bones and joints

Yellow fruits contain the enzymes that help the body in absorbing calcium and magnesium from other foods. This will result in healthy bones and joints.

6.       Checks high blood pressure

The yellow color of the fruit is the result of higher potassium, vitamin C, zeaxanthin, lycopene and flavonoids content. The higher potassium would regulate the blood pressure and also check high blood pressure.

7.       Lowers Ageing by more collagen formation

Beta-carotene, the chemical that gives the yellow and orange fruit its color is also known for protecting the skin and hair against ageing by forming more collagen.

8.       Aids digestion

Eating yellow fruit would release bile juices that would further aid digestion. Whenever you have some digestion issues then having more of yellow fruits would enhance your digestion and also bring down the acid levels in your body by establishing pH balance.

9.       Removes toxins

The antioxidant rich yellow fruits would improve the renal function of your body and remove the harmful toxins by flushing them out.

10.   Immunity enhancer

Vitamin C, known for enhancing immunity is available in abundance in these bright colored yellow fruits.

All of the above health benefits of yellow fruits can be enjoyed by including the fruits like bananas, pear, peach, lemon and many more yellow fruits into your each fruit portion.

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