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Everyone wants a home that smells utterly divine. Many people try to do this by using scented sprays, but what they should really be using are essential oil mists. By using all-natural essential oils and a diffuser, homeowners can enjoy a wonderfully-smelling house and additional benefits.

Greater Soothing Effects

With scented sprays, all you are doing is temporarily improving the scent of a room for a little bit. They often contain chemicals with the sole purpose of smelling good. However, essential oils do much more. The relaxing aroma of lavender or chamomile create a relaxing environment will pleasing scents.

Set the Mood Before Bed

It is not recommended you use a scented spray directly on your pillow, especially if you are going to bed soon. However, you can use essential oil mists to provide you with a relaxing sensation to help you nod off more quickly. You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy experience in your own bedroom.

Excellent for Transporting

For scented sprays, you may keep one bottle at the office and another at home. No matter where the day takes you, you can bring a bottle of an essential oil mist with you. These bottles are lightweight and can fit practically anywhere. Even if you have a ton of items in your purse already, you can effortlessly keep a bottle in there so that you never have to be without the mist.

Better for the Environment

Aerosol sprays contain dangerous chemicals. Not only are you breathing in those chemicals, but they get released into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Essential oil mists are all-natural. You can spray them around your home every single day, and it will not have a detrimental effect on the planet. You will feel even better knowing you are doing your part for the ecosystem.

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Improved Cooling

During the summer, you will be thankful you have these mists on-hand. You may not want to run the air conditioner all day long if you are worried about excessively expensive power bills. However, you may not have to run it as often if you can cool yourself down with essential oils. Peppermint is a great one to use when it is too hot out.

Before you purchase another scented spray, you really ought to see what essential oil mists are all about. You will be amazed at the quality, and you will most likely never go back to using aerosol cans ever again.

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