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Restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, or fast-food spots provide you with many options when dining out. However, large helpings can make you drink or consume too many calories. Large portions can also increase your added sugars, sodium, and saturated fat intake. When dining away from home with or without any discount codes, you should come up with ways that will help you make healthy choices.

Here are some of the tips to help you eat healthy when dining out.

1. Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, and salad

Kabobs, stir-fries or vegetarian menus usually comprise of more vegetables. You can select fruits as dessert or side dish. You can also start your meal by taking a salad full of veggies to help you feel full quickly. Order a salad along with lean meat, fat-free or low-fat cheese, as well as other healthy garnishes.

fruits and veggies

2. Compare the fat, sodium and calories

Nowadays, most of the restaurant menus normally come with nutrition information. Take your time to get those items that are low in sodium, saturated fat, and calories. Enquire from your attendant if you can’t trace them on the menu.

You can order broiled, baked and grilled foods since they are prepared in the healthiest method possible. However, there is always a probability that the hotel could use sauces and butter in the preparation process, but you can request your attendant to leave them off.

3. Eat whole grains

You can order 100% whole-wheat pasta, bread, and rolls when selecting main dishes, burgers or sandwiches. Whole grains are full of nutrients including vitamins, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron. A meal packed with whole grains also reduces the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

4. Pass on the buffet

Avoid the all-you-can-consume buffet and instead get an item from the restaurant’s menu. Grilled, broiled, or steamed dishes are low in calories that foods cooked in butter or fried in oil. You can also order an appetizer-sized portion or a side dish instead of a typical starter. That will prevent you from consuming lots of calories since they are served on small plates and in small quantities.

5. Consider your drinks

You can order water, unsweetened tea, low-fat or fat-free milk or any other beverages that contain no added sugars to accompany your meal.

Tea and coffee, for example, are carb-free beverages. They are also rich in caffeine, which gives you some impressive benefits such as increasing your metabolic rate, improving your mood as well as boosting your physical and mental performance.

Some coffee shops also offer almond or soy milk. However, unsweetened versions of these kinds of milk will give you reduced carbs per every 2-tablespoon serving.

Eating out with family and friends is a good way to reconnect, but the large portions currently served at most restaurants can be a huge risk to your overall health. Dining away from home should not be an excuse to consume unhealthy meals. Almost all fast-food outlets have incorporated healthier alternatives to their menus, meaning you only need to locate them. By following the tips as mentioned earlier, you will not only enjoy your meal, but you will also feel happy and satisfied once you are done.

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