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Finding vegetarian and vegan friendly supplements can be harder than finding vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants. It’s a simple thought to not want to use animal products or harm animals for our benefit, and much more complicated in reality. Animal products are in so many things we’d never think of, and fortunately, transparency by way of the power of the internet has brought forth information and clarity on exactly what is cruelty and animal product free. Truly vegan friendly Sunday Scaries CBD gummies exist for this very reason and purpose. Whether you struggle with anxiety or another issue it helps with, or simply are looking to add some healthy supplements to your health routine, CBD gummies might just be what you’re looking for.

Sunday Scaries’ CBD gummies were made to help with just what their name suggests: the scary feelings many of us get on Sunday nights, before starting another work week. Whether your lifestyle is work hard, party hard, or you’re a more free-spirited digital nomad, more than likely, you’ve got some deadlines and anxiety that comes from general life patterns and demands that CBD can quell.


Making your own recipes with CBD is also a fun experiment that might be worth your while, if gummies aren’t your thing. Mixing CBD tincture into smoothies or other consumption mechanisms might be your new favorite go-to, while others might enjoy mixing it into their homemade lotions and face creams. Whatever the application, it’s sure to help make your life that much more satisfying.

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