Posted by Stefanie on Sep - 21 - 2012

Running for RookiesIf you have finally made the choice to live a healthier life, then you will soon find yourself inundated with millions of healthy outlets to choose from. Every one has its unique features but we may find ourselves overwhelmed with choices. So much so, in fact, that the simplest options can easily be overlooked. Running is one fitness venture that your body was actually designed to handle; you just need to utilize it. Running requires little to no thinking, is a great stress reliever, and it is inexpensive. So why don’t more people run?  There are a number of reasons why people may feel unmotivated to give running a try, and we are going to tackle each excuse for you by showing you an easy guide to getting started in Running for Rookies!

1. Make your workouts public

Accountability does amazing things for people who are not yet completely and intrinsically motivated. Post your run, even if five minutes long, to any social network you can think of.  Technology is your best friend because there are other people out there just like you that need support and motivation.  You will be surprised at the cheerleaders out there willing to support you along your journey.

2. Make your time spent running a two-fold task

For some people, music is a great option for motivating a run.  Music can actually set the tempo for your cadence. For others, adamant about maximizing their time and productivity, downloading the audio version of a book you never get to sit down and read is a fantastic option. If you are a student who wants to keep up with coursework, record your own notes as a playlist and study while you run.  You can even listen to your language-learning software or a podcast.

3. Sign up for a run with a cause

Most people would agree that raising money for charity is a noble venture.  So why not use it as a technique to get into shape? Most local races raise money for a charity. Look into a 5K first–the run is equal to 3.1 miles. You may even be able to convince a friend to help you raise money for the cause and perhaps run with you. Be the ambassador of a running group that can support each other along with the cause.  There is nothing more rewarding than supporting an organization with good intentions and reaching a goal you never thought you could achieve.

4. Dress for success

Compared to other sports, running is inexpensive. But don’t skimp on your workout gear! You will need a pair of running shoes that offer support, breathable clothing, a stopwatch, and of course, your iPod. No start-up fees here!

5. Set goals for your self

Open up your calendar and set out three to four days a week dedicated to running. On the first day, commit to five minutes of slow running and five minutes of walking. On the second day, commit to adding one more minute of running and one less of walking.  Before you know it you will be running for 20 minutes without stopping.  However, if you can push yourself farther in less time than t Running on a trail his,  do it.

Motivation is the key ingredient to unleashing the upgraded version of your self. If you have that, then you are halfway to your goal. Push yourself, and most importantly, have fun looking back on your success! For more, visit Gumtree personal fitness.

Written by: Stefanie Huber

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