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healthy dubai restaurants

One of the major problems of travelling abroad is searching for a good place where you can eat delicious yet healthy meals. Thankfully, Dubai offers a lot of options for health buffs who are on a strict diet.

Whether you are looking for a fresh vegetable salad platter, fruits, or mouth-watering delicacies, you can surely find a restaurant that meets your preferences. In addition to the healthy cuisines, this city offers breathtaking views and man-made wonders that can definitely enhance your dining experience. If you’re planning to visit Dubai, here is a rundown of their most popular healthy restaurants.

1. Cargo Restaurant
The Cargo Restaurant Dubai is a popular after-work hub that is found at the Marina district. It has a very laid-back vibe that helps the patrons relax after a stressful day at the office. The menu mostly consists of Asian-inspired dishes that were given a unique twist. If you are going to visit this joint, you should definitely try the chili and garlic edamame. The flavors of this dish are very rich because they are made from the freshest ingredients.

After eating a delicious meal, you can head towards the terrace and inhale a breath of fresh air. The terrace is wide, and spacious. Whether it is day or night, this restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Marina district.

2. Signatures
Searching for something fancy and sophisticated? Then you should definitely head to this eatery! The Signatures hotel has its very own garden where they grow the vegetables that they use for their meals. Some of the ingredients they use came from the Arabian Gulf and from their neighbor district.

3. Organic Foods & Café
True to its name, this eatery offers only the best organic and healthy foods in their menu. This place is also a market where you can buy chemical- and fertilizer-free veggies. This is an ideal café if you’re the type of person who prefers a light brunch over a heavy one. They serve fresh salad, cannelloni with spinach, and a whole lot more.

Excited to visit these delightful restaurants? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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