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If your relationship is less of a priority and more of a chore, then you need to read this article, right now! We hate to break it to you: but a stale relationship is a love that’s in trouble. Don’t panic though; we have all the tools you need to restore your relationship to its former glory. All you need to do is read on and act soon… before it is too late!


The Best 5 Ways to make a Relationship Last

There are a few good ways to make a relationship last longer. Let’s look at the best 5 of these, according to psychologists!

1 – Listen, Listen, Listen!

If you don’t take the time to listen to your partner then you are actively reducing the length of your relationship. Listening to their problems, communicating about issues within the relationship and sharing hopes and dreams are all ideal ways to do so. Scientists call this active listening and advise it is necessary for a lasting relationship. If you don’t know how to do this then Very Well Mind have a guide.

2 – Write it Down

According to Psychology Today, Writing down your relationship woes is a sure fire way to keep each other interested. Not just the woes, either. Write love letters to each other, share a journal, and write out any feelings you have that are either positive or negative – all of it! Write it all down and share it with your partner. They even cite one study at the University of Texas where participants spent 20 minutes a day writing nice things about each other. Those couples were more likely to still be together three months down the line.

3 – Get Experimental

If you can show your partner that you are comfortable with the experimental, this can be a great way to spice up any relationship and add to the longevity. Making your partner jealous is a terrible idea – but doing it together, with one another’s permission, is a great way to strengthen those bonds. Try getting experimental using some cheap London escorts for a measured way of encouraging a little jealousy. When other people find your partner hot it can be a real turn-on… when you do it, use a professional service. An amateur might do the opposite and ruin your relationship!

4 – Develop Emotional Maturity

If you are stuck in negative behavioural cycles then you aren’t functioning in the Adult Ego State. If you aren’t operating in the adult ego state then you are operating in one of the other two ego states, neither of which is conducive to a healthy relationship.

What all this psychological junk means is that if you aren’t mature enough to handle a lasting relationship then it won’t work[i]. Work on yourself and the rest will come. It won’t be easy, but follow this guide from Business Insider to get started.

5 – Be Apart

In spite of your desire to make your relationship last a lifetime – you are both separate individuals with independent wants and needs. It these psychological hungers aren’t being met then you are not comfortable with yourself. If you are uncomfortable with yourself then your relationship has little-to-no chance of success. Take time apart and enjoy it – that’s the official advice of EHarmony, the love site itself!

Rounding Up

The most important thing you can do for lengthening a relationship is simply to make each other a priority. You shouldn’t make your partner your whole world; but making time to treat them, to listen to them, and to enjoy their company, are sure fire ways to gain relationship success. Got any secret relationship advice of your own? Feel free to share!

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