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Whether you have a family history of autoimmune or gastrointestinal diseases or are simply feeling tired, lethargic or depressed, the foods you choose to eat every day have a direct impact on your overall health and well being. From a scientific standpoint, foods can remain in the digestive tract for up to two weeks after consumption. Even if you are following a strict diet, that tiny cookie you indulged in a week ago may still be wreaking havoc on your gut. If you have been suffering with gas, bloating, exhaustion, headaches and other symptoms that are interfering with your daily life, it may be time to seek the help of a nutrition consultant in Colorado to identify the underlying cause of your gastrointestinal symptoms.

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A nutrition consultant, naturopathic doctor or immunologist are all wonderful resources for helping you identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. At your first visit, or consultation, the specialist will ask you a lot of questions. He or she will want to know your specific symptoms, family history, duration of symptoms, what types of food you eat on a daily basis, and what types of diets you have tried in the past. Some nutrition consultants and naturopathic doctors will even order a full allergy test panel to rule out any specific allergies.

The nutrition consultant will create a customized diet for you that will include a structured meal plan based on an elimination diet, and they may also incorporate herbal supplements or vitamin therapy based on your specific dietary needs and restrictions. After four to six weeks on the new diet, you will have a follow-up appointment to discuss positive changes and any concerns you may have. Your nutrition counselor may adjust or tweak your program based on your results.

There are a vast number of licensed and qualified Colorado nutrition consultant specialists. Matthew Koontz,, is one example of a qualified nutrition expert. You would ideally like to select a nutrition expert with several accolades in nutrition, holistic medicine, vitamin therapy treatments or herbal specialties so that you receive comprehensive care and a well-rounded diagnostic plan. Nutrition and wellness can be trial and error until you get it just right. Be patient with the process and your nutrition consultant, and you will begin to feel and look better in no time. You gastrointestinal symptoms will slowly, but surely, begin to diminish.

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