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Ggirl scouts selling cookies It’s that time of year again–Girl Scout cookie time. With National Girl Scout Cookie day just around the corner on Feb. 8, 2013, we really need to think how to best manage our health while still supporting a great cause! Girl Scout Cookie season comes at a rough time–right after we just started our New Years resolutions. One of the top resolutions of 2013 is weight loss, and Girl Scout cookies can throw a serious wrench into your plans and goals.

My little sister was a Girl Scout.  I remember what this time of year meant at school, at Dad’s office, and at home . When a Girl Scout asks you to buy cookies, she’s practicing people skills, decision making, and confidence.  These are valuable lessons which we should encourage each child to learn at a young age.

And yet, it’s as if Girl Scout cookie time was intentionally planned to challenge those New Year’s Resolutions and health goals for the year.  How can you support your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and the Girl Scouts without sacrificing the healthy, nutritious habits you’re building–and just how healthy are Girl Scout cookies?

What is the Healthiest Girl Scout Cookie?

How healthy are girl scout cookies

The Girl Scout cookie with the lowest amount of calories and fat is Savannah Smiles.

The Girl Scout cookie with the lowest amount of carbs and sugar is the Shortbread.

So all in all, the Savannah Smiles and the Shortbread are your healthiest options.

Do I Have to Say Yes to Buying Girl Scout Cookies?

The simple answer is no, you don’t, but it’s for a good cause and how can you say no to the group of cute youngsters in flowergirl dresses, so here are your options:

1.  If it’s too difficult to have cookies around the house, you can make a donation.

2. Donate the cookies you buy either back to the Girl Scouts or to a favorite neighborhood charity. Churches and schools can take them as well. Also, most Girl Scout troops have a program set up where you can pay for cookies and they’ll be donated to either our military troops or a community group.

3. Buy the healthiest option. As you can see in the above chart, the Savannah Smiles and the Shortbread cookies are the healthiest choices.

So how are you going to balance your health while still donating to a good cause? Let us know in the comments section below.

Kids Nutrition Houston Logo Megan writes for Kids’ Nutrition of Houston (KNH), a private Pediatric Nutritional Counseling practice .  Follow Kids Nutrition of Houston on Twitter. Because every life is unique! 

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  1. Leslie says:

    I love the graph you included. I haven’t bought Girl Scout cookies in such a long time, I didn’t even know there were that many varieties…haha. My favorite as a child used to be the ones with the coconut on top.

    I also like your suggestions for what to do if you don’t want to eat them!

  2. Dan Lundeen says:

    As an orthorexic, cookies with refined flour, sugar and oils are high on my avoidance list and I just don’t see the possibility of promoting their promotion in any way shape or form. If the Boy Scouts can end their homophobia, and we can get sugary sodas out of schools, then why can’t the Girl Scouts find a way to stop purveying their poison (Lustig) as a fundraiser? Someone needs to start an online petition for repurposing the Girl Scout mission to a healthier lifestyle.

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