Hummus is always a staple for me, and I like to use it in a lot of recipes. This vegan recipe for Cilantro Lime Hummus has a Mexican flare, and is sure to be a hit! I don’t like to add any tahini or oil because it gives it un-needed calories and   Read More ...

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The name pretty much says it all….and they are scrumptious! We use our vegan cauliflower buffalo wings for this recipe and make it into cauliflower buffalo wing burgers topped with our favorite toppings. Click the link for our Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings to get the ingredient list and directions. Then   Read More ...

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There are 2 things my husband and I love: hearty soup during the winter time and recipes that provide leftovers. This vegetarian gumbo recipe provides both! We are obsessed with this recipe. When we became vegetarian, one thing we both “missed” so to speak was gumbo. So we came up   Read More ...

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Note: This dish will take time in preparation for 50-55 minutes and as to be served chilled will be ready in 2 hours. It has been months and my family has not planned a single vacation. Now, It’s time to relax with the family and enjoying a picnic with our   Read More ...

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It is time for the big game! And you know what that means…football watch parties! You may be going to a party, hosting a party, or just watching in the comfort of your own home with your family. But nonetheless, you still like to get in the football spirit so   Read More ...

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With the new year upon us, many people like to have new years resolutions for themselves. One new years resolution I always like to encourage people to have is to start your day with a good, healthy morning routine including breakfast, and what better way than with Post® Better Oats™!   Read More ...

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It’s holiday time which is my favorite time of the year! My husband and I both have family in Houston so we love to go to Houston, enjoy time with our family, and make memories during the holidays. We always have wonderful meals with tons of food like this Crispy   Read More ...

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Just in time for fall/winter. Something to warm you up that is oh so yummy and oh so quick to make! Chicken-less Noodle Soup Noodles: 2 C Flour 1/2 C warm water 1 tsp salt Mix dough until it forms a firm dough ball (add more water or flour if   Read More ...

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Are you one of those people that likes to hit the snooze button a few times? Maybe take a little bit of time to wake up, but once you are through with your morning routine, you are ready to seize the day? Or maybe when your alarm goes off, you   Read More ...

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Winter is the Season for Warm Lemon Pudding Cake When it’s especially chilly outside, sometimes all you really need is a warm, sweet little treat to make you forget all about winter. Here is a tasty dessert recipe that takes only 15 minutes to prepare, bakes in about an hour,   Read More ...

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