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Common Makeup Mistakes Women Can Easily Make Looking good is important. And, every woman understands that. This pretty much explains why makeup is considered so important. But to what extent? What is that line that separates the Grace Kelly lady from Lady Gaga? Perhaps, these six seemingly common makeup mistakes will help understand better.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Perfume Overdose

Excessive spraying of perfume may seem like a good idea at that time, but in reality it only means you maybe, just maybe skipped the shower. Or worst, you intend to commit murder by perfume. Too much perfume will only put the people around you off. And if you’re on a date, that’s the last thing you want to happen even before the date can start. At best, for an eau de parfum wear not one drop more than three sprays, and four sprays for an eau de toilette.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Shoddily Done Eyelashes

Dramatic and full eyelashes are sexy ONLY if they’re nicely done using very good mascara. Chunky and scaly eyelashes do nothing but make you look like The Black Widow- the real one, not the Avenger. Always apply the mascara in smooth finished strokes, and while you’re at it, you better ensure that it stays in place for really long hours.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Outrageous Nail and Lip Color

This covers the extreme ends of the color strip. Too bright nail-polish or lipstick reminds me of Nicki Minaj, and not in a good way. I kid you not; no man wants to hold hands with Miss. My-nails-will-make your-eyes-bleed. And, no man certainly wants to kiss the lips that remind him of Bride Of Chucky. A failsafe lipstick kit includes colors from three palettes- red, pink and nude. The same goes for nail-colors, with extra additions of matte white, gold and pastels.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Chapped Everything

Chapped lips, chapped knees, chapped elbows, chapped arms and legs are all synonymous with only one thing- UGLY! These only reflect that you don’t really bother much about skincare. First of all, scrape off the dead skin and smoothen out rough edges of the feet, knees and elbows with a loofah or a pumice stone, while you’re already in the shower. Next, slather a good moisturizing lotion the moment you’ve stepped out of the shower and wiped your body dry. Not only is this good for the skin, but also helps you fake that awesome summery sheen to perfection.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Caked Up Face

Foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer are work wonders for your face, but only when they’re used individually. Remember that if used in amounts way more than necessary, eventually they’ll drip/peel/drop off in chunks. And let’s not even talk about what happens when you perspire. Stick to small amounts of either a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Use concealer ONLY over blemishes and spots. The tissues, your collar and your date’s collar will thank you forever.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Wrong Color Foundation

Maybe it’s because most women can never be fully satisfied with the skin color they already have and all they want to do is look one shade fairer or darker. Or, maybe it’s because they are just plain unaware! Women don’t realize that the wrong foundation color will only make them look like they’re a case of “Wrong head on a wrong body”, which, by the way, is highly creepy. If you want to look dusky, go for a bronzer instead. And if you want a brighter face, go for a highlighter.

Torres McCarthy is a well-known fashion blogger. He has an immense following on online blogging platforms. He believes that overindulging in cosmetics is not a good practice as they can have serious repercussions on the skin.

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  1. Heather says:

    Make up is tricky. I think its also hard when say you’ve tanned on a vacation, and then you realize your make up, that you bought when you didn’t have a tan, now makes you look too pale. But I have learned over the years with make up that less is more.


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