When you are in San Diego, dining in coastal cuisine is a must. In this oceanside city, there are seafood restaurants seemingly on every corner, but some are, of course, much better than others. While just about every place that serves fish calls itself a seafood restaurant, there is something   Read More ...

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Boomtown Bingo is an online gambling and sports betting review and promotion website. The site offers online gamers opportunities to bet, including: bingo, slots, casino games, and table games, and sports. The site gives a rating that is between one and five stars to each website that it lists. They   Read More ...

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First of all, the boy is going to be nervous. That is often the initial mood that sets in as either anxiety or very forward behavior. Regardless, that boy is definitely looking for something. Being attracted to someone sexually when you are a teenager is unfamiliar but alluring. There are   Read More ...

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Is there any necessity in lingerie itself? – it seems to be one of the most interesting subjects for talking about, primarily for the men themselves. Some of them consider it to be an excessive attribute and prefer to see, so to speak, a natural product in the bedroom, others   Read More ...

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Summer is upon us in Australia, and the barbeque season is well underway, and with hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks on the menu, it might be an idea to look at something a little different. Pork ribs are delicious and are perfect for any occasion all year round, so if   Read More ...

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In keeping with their trend of offering natural products that provide salon quality results; the Three Butters Utility Scalp Conditioner from Shea Moisture doesn’t miss the mark. I’ve used it frequently in the company of the Three Butters Utility Shampoo and my hair has been healthier and softer than it’s   Read More ...

In a past article on Shea Moisture, I discussed some of the skin care products that are provided by Shea Moisture. Since that time I found out that Shea Moisture doesn’t only cater simply to skin care, but they have a Shea Moisture hair care line as well! I’ve recently   Read More ...

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When it comes to skin care, it is quite difficult to find products that walk the line between working well and being animal/environmentally friendly. Most people might sacrifice a few bunnies or sections of the rain forests to have a clear complexion or not deal with razor burn after a   Read More ...

As you can see, I had two very excited kids looking forward to playing this game! First order of business when playing anything multi-player on the Wii is determining who gets the first controller (with all the power). For this game, that also means you get to be Mickey Mouse.   Read More ...

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In every doctor’s office is a good supply of adhesive bandages, like Band Aid, to succor children after their shots. A themed Band Aid is a grand reward for going through immunizations; and away from the hospital, these bandages are now part of every family’s first aid kit. It’s hard   Read More ...

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