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One of the biggest occurrences in January is the Consumer Electronics Show or CES as it is commonly known. Among the big bendable TVs and the next generation computer consoles, the big focus at CES this year is fitness technology. In fact, the sheer array of fitness items is quite astonishing. So, let’s take a look at some of the best fitness tech devices from this years CES.

Fitness Tech From CES

fitness tech scandu Scanadu

The Scanadu is just one of innumerable health monitors at the show and this beautiful device is capable of measuring a huge range of health data. The Scanadu can perform heart rate analysis, is capable of measuring your blood oxygen levels and blood pressure and is even able to perform the less the lovely task of analysing urine. Don’t balk. The device has tests for glucose, protein, pH levels and whole lot more and is very beneficial for those who are really focused on their fitness goals.


Isometric holds are something that’s being gaining increased note in the weight building community as they are capable of adding more muscle fibres in the gym. TAO can be held outside the gym and is essentially a handheld activity tracker that also offers isometric technology. So, not only does it track sleep, heart rates, calories and other data, but it also helps build muscle – or so we’re told.

Reebok Checklight

You may have seen these devices if you’ve watched some rugby or are an American Football fan. The Reebok Checklight is worn beneath a scrum cap or boxing helmet and measures the impact of blows to the head. The current generation of these devices are capable of splitting the measurement into three groups – so light, medium and hard. However, expect the next generation to provide very accurate measurements. Ideal for those involved in competitive sports that involve hard hits.


This is one of the weight lighting communities. Skuplt can be placed on the muscle area being worked out and will calculate the quality of the muscle fibres in that particular area, amount of fat and also how hard the muscles are being worked during a workout. This allows you to see whether an area needs more work, whether you can push yourself harder and also whether you should stop training as you’re about to overdo it. We can see it being of use for certain people involved in specific sports at Detox Fit.

LG Life Band

One of the most touted items at the show, the LG Life Band provides smart watch features such as taking calls and stopping and starting music and also takes a lot of fitness information. This means it can calculate the calories burned, pace, distance etc. It can also measure things such as blood flow and a range of other data and works with both Android and Apple IOS phones. It’s just one of many devices like this at the show.

It’s good to see the world of technology pushing items like these forward. However, they will always only be supplements for a good workout and never a replacement for something like it.

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of tech and fitness as you can see from this article. He enjoys sports and interesting stories as well as the great outdoors.

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  1. Chan says:

    I do like the way you have presented this piratcular problem plus it does offer me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, because of what precisely I have seen, I just simply hope when the actual feedback pack on that people stay on point and not start on a tirade of some other news of the day. Still, thank you for this excellent piece and although I can not really go along with the idea in totality, I regard your viewpoint.

  2. Veeran says:

    I had an ancient phone and I hated the idea of a smartphone that would allow me to be connected all the time. That is, until I got my iPhone a year ago. It totally changed the way I use technology and now I’m always on it – when walking, when waiting in line somewhere, at the’s getting to be too much! Thanks for the reminder to put it away and live in the present.

  3. lisa says:

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  5. lisa says:

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  6. lisa says:

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  7. lisa says:

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  8. lisa says:

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  9. lisa says:

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  10. zack smith says:

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  11. lisa says:

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  12. lisa says:

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  13. lisa says:

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  26. steve says:

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