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Visiting the dentist is probably not everyone’s favorite appointment. However, the importance of having regular checkups can’t be stressed enough.  Sure, you may be brushing and flossing regularly, but this is no reason to skip your dentist appointments since the sooner an oral health problem is noticed, the easier it   Read More ...

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There are many people who head into the new year with the motivation to make positive changes in their life. It could that they want to lose weight or reduce their stress levels. Whatever their area of interest, good intentions are often sabotaged by an excuse of too little free   Read More ...

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There are plenty of incentives for you to keep your teeth as dazzlingly white as possible. According to research cited by Greatist, whiter teeth can lead you to be deemed more intelligent and socially competent, as well as make you more successful both professionally and personally. However, certain foods can   Read More ...

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