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How you feel, think, and behave in life is greatly influenced by your mental health. Your mental wellbeing also determines how well you can handle stress and overcome difficult times in your life. Unfortunately, however, not enough people take the steps to sustain good mental health. Some contribute it to   Read More ...

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Once you enter into your fifties, you’ll see noticeable changes to your health and body. You may even have hip or joint pain that prevents you from doing the same activities you did just a year earlier. However, the good news is that you can enjoy a better quality of   Read More ...

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The modern world has an impressive array of amenities. They often come with superior technology, but many have toxic chemicals that enter our bloodstream, and air and water supply. Here are some creative ways to live a chemical-free life. In Your Body Organic food is the first way to eliminate   Read More ...

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Technology is changing all aspects of life as we knew it, including health care and pharmacies. For the most part, technological advances are helping to make businesses including pharmacies better, faster and more effective. Below are a few ways it has changed the pharmacy industry. More Efficiency Interactive voice response   Read More ...

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As you get older, you’ll notice a lot of changes with your body. You may find you run out of energy faster, have put on a few extra pounds, or don’t have the same appetite for sex anymore. Part of the aging process, key hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen   Read More ...

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Finding vegetarian and vegan friendly supplements can be harder than finding vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants. It’s a simple thought to not want to use animal products or harm animals for our benefit, and much more complicated in reality. Animal products are in so many things we’d never think of,   Read More ...

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