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Workout enthusiasts with the goal of achieving the best results go the extra mile in their training. Every further squat, chest press, deadlift or any other exercise matters to them. However, these prolonged and strenuous workouts come at a cost. The muscles cells get numerous microtears that can derail the   Read More ...

Being healthy and fit is a way of life. Cooking the right meals, heading to the gym and breaking a sweat takes dedication; it is a lifestyle choice, and one many people make. Rather than binge on unhealthy snacks or ordering in takeaway once too often, you find clean recipes   Read More ...

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The year is just about to come to an end, and it’s when most of us regret the diet decisions we made over the year, particularly during summer. And to many people, this is a continued cycle- we always make new year resolutions but never go past the second month.   Read More ...

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So you want to teach people to be healthier. You have the knowledge, the expertise and a host of fabulous new ideas you’re dying to try. You even have an audience. What you don’t have? The ability to crawl inside someone else’s head and heart, and make them change. That   Read More ...

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