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If you eat beef regularly, then giving it up can be a difficult transition. There are plenty of delicious alternatives to provide you with the nutrients that you need. Other meat selections offer wonderful flavors and are also packed with protein. Here are some ideas to consider when you are   Read More ...

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It takes a lot of will power to forgive someone that we feel has wronged us. For some, it may feel like an impossible feat. However, a closer look at forgiveness reveals that it has the power to release and free the person that has been wronged, as well as   Read More ...

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First of all, the boy is going to be nervous. That is often the initial mood that sets in as either anxiety or very forward behavior. Regardless, that boy is definitely looking for something. Being attracted to someone sexually when you are a teenager is unfamiliar but alluring. There are   Read More ...

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Not all of us have the luxury of time to workout everyday, and so we understand and even applaud you “weekend athletes” out there. We know how precious the time you spend exercising is and so we are here to share with you some workout hacks to make your routine   Read More ...


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