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Florida is rich in sun, fun and history. It’s no wonder that its towns and resorts are some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations year after year. Families, surfers, and kids on spring break flock to the beaches that line the state’s 1,200 miles of coastline. While no trip   Read More ...

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How do you know that you’re going about a juice cleanse the right way? Avoid these rookie mistakes. 1. Not pre-cleansing. Before starting a juice cleanse, you need to detox for two weeks. This is called the pre-cleanse phase. The goal is to eliminate processed foods during this time. Not   Read More ...

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Today’s 3D printers can produce custom clothing, trinkets, and phone accessories, but they can also shape prosthetic limbs for people with disabilities. It’s a much more affordable and portable process than traditional prosthesis, so people in developing villages are gaining access to this treatment for the first time. For example,   Read More ...

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Headaches are extremely common and can vary greatly from person to person, but what causes headaches? Individuals with predispositions for headaches or migraines may notice that certain triggers can bring about the onset of a headache.  Like headaches, the causes of headaches can vary greatly depending on the individual. However,   Read More ...

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When you have issues with your stomach and digestive system, it can truly throw your world into a tailspin. Troubles with eating, digesting, and eliminating food from your body can be frustrating, especially when they take control of your life. If you don’t manage your condition and get to the   Read More ...

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