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When you have a leg injury, a knee walker can be a good option for helping you get around. A knee walker is a type of adjustable scooter that your knee rests on, and helps improve mobility as well as stability. This isn’t used as often with permanent injuries, so   Read More ...

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It’s more than just exercise. Sure, both yoga and Pilates are extremely popular in terms of fitness, but each boasts a slew of benefits that extend far beyond the physical. Some apply to one of the practices, while some benefits are linked to both styles of stretch; below are just seven   Read More ...

Not all my friends are vegetarians or vegans of course. Life would be very dull if everyone thought and acted in exactly the same manner. However, when we have friends around for dinner, we make it quite clear that no meat will be served. Usually, there’s a typical initial reaction   Read More ...

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A huge percentage of the adult population experiences hemorrhoids especially as they age. The symptoms of this condition can be the following: anal pain, burning, itching and bleeding. The possible causes are pregnancy, obesity, prolonged sitting, constipation brought by unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Thus, dietary changes can offer the best   Read More ...

Dumbbells are a simple yet extremely effective piece of equipment. They should be a staple of any home gym and of course conventional gyms typically have a great selection. However, they are just simple tools. It is what you do with them that counts. Not all dumbbell exercises are created equal.   Read More ...

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