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Most of these safety tips for kitchen newbies will seem like common sense if you’re an experienced cook, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore some simple safety tips when working in the kitchen. Safety is important whether you’re cooking a meal for one, preparing a feast for friends   Read More ...

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Juicing is the best way to get a healthier lifestyle. Knowing the best fruit or vegetable combinations for optimal health is key to boosting the benefits of raw ingredients. Listed below are some easy tips that will allow you to make tasty, healthy drinks not just for yourself but for   Read More ...

After a year in halls, I have recently moved into student accommodation in Nottingham and so far so good. Choosing who to live with was fairly easy. I have made a few good friend over the first year and it made sense to share with people who were studying similar   Read More ...

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Wishing to shed the extra pounds overnight is irrational and cannot be accomplished unless you take on some unnatural methods or adipex diet pills. Even piling up your cabinet with several products that claim to make you rapidly slim does not provide sustained weight loss and usually is a waste of   Read More ...

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I recently visited the all new Z Spa in Arlington Heights, IL. Z Spa is a first of its kind spa and offers foot reflexology. It is located right in the heart of historic Arlington Heights and is a convenient destination if you’re looking for some relaxation. The Benefits of   Read More ...

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Roasted pecans are a wonderful treat to have laying around the house.  They can have a variety of flavors, and also make great gifts for neighbors, friends and family, the mailman.  Really, anyone you can think of that deserves a thank you, a gift or a small, delicious treat.  Here   Read More ...

One of the biggest occurrences in January is the Consumer Electronics Show or CES as it is commonly known. Among the big bendable TVs and the next generation computer consoles, the big focus at CES this year is fitness technology. In fact, the sheer array of fitness items is quite   Read More ...

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With the new year, there are new resolutions. Chances are, getting healthy and losing weight have made your list once again. People often stop going to the gym or working out after a few months because their routine becomes boring. Whether you’re planning on doing strength training or cardio workouts,   Read More ...

So we’ve all made it through the first few weeks of our new years resolution. Now we are starting to see the light. That moment when the goal hits us in the face and we suddenly feel the value of all the hard work we’ve put in. When we feel   Read More ...

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The Evolution of Medicine Medicine has evolved over a very long period of time and dates back to 400 B.C. In the above medicinal evolution infographic, shows you how this transformation has occurred over time.

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