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Exercise and diet are the two most important things in keeping your body and mind healthy and fit. This isn't new news. But, doing the same old workout routine every day not only becomes boring, but your muscles begin to memorize these movements and eventually get bored, too! Here are   Read More ...

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Asthma is a very difficult disease. Whether you can handle it lies on how well you manage it. The quality of life of asthma sufferers takes a dip because they are unable to do a lot of activities and are often missing out on the fun of life. Taking control   Read More ...

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Processed foods were invented for convenience. You can just shove one into the microwave and it can also last longer than conventional real food because it has preservatives. While a lot of us feel the convenience, it’s bad for the health. Processed foods can make you sick and there are various   Read More ...

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Weight loss is probably one of the few health issues most of us have in common.  At some point in our lives, most of us have wanted to shed at least a pound or two.  Therefore, we all can relate to how difficult the task is. Health professionals will tell   Read More ...

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It is easy to get confused between anxiety and panic attacks. Both of them have a common ground, which is anxiety symptoms. The two have nearly common physical manifestations, which may include hyperventilation among others. If you want to know the difference and similarities of anxiety attacks and panic attacks,   Read More ...

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Leg cramps is not as serious as it may seem. But the pain and the discomfort can easily send your stress and anxiety levels to the roof. People that have experienced it swear that it is an experience that you don't want to get. That is why it is best   Read More ...

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You’re running home after a long day at work, followed by a workout at the gym, and then you realize that you don’t have enough groceries to make dinner. Forget about the groceries. You’re just too tired to make dinner period. It looks like another delivery night. Enter Mealku, an   Read More ...

Suffering from a panic attack for the first time is a very unpleasant experience. There are neither manuals nor instructions that have prepared people for a panic attack. It can be a debilitating experience that a lot of people would never like to happen again. If you have suffered one   Read More ...

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Garlic is regarded as a lowly spice in our kitchen. But don’t let its small stature fool you. The garlic is one of nature’s best healers. There are a lot of healing wonders that has been attributed to it. Garlic is filled with nutrients and enzymes that can help the   Read More ...

Are you suffering from anxiety? If you do, then there is good news. A 2007 study in Japan revealed that lysine has shown to be effective in lowering anxiety levels. This is welcome news considering that lysine is natural and would not be as harmful compared to synthetic anti-anxiety drugs. Let us find out   Read More ...

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