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A diagnosis of diabetes can be frightening. Could you be one of the 7 million people in the United States who are oblivious to the fact that they have diabetes? It may sound surprising that you could be living with a potentially life-threatening disease – diabetes can, after all, knock   Read More ...

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Part of eating a whole, healthy diet – which I believe is the best way to eat – is being conscious of seasonal produce. Eating with the seasons is not only a fun way to change up your grocery list, but allows you to get the most nutritional bang for   Read More ...

Mixing Valentine’s and Pancake Day shouldn’t be too tricky, seeing as they are only two days apart this year! Pancake Day falls on the 12th of February, just two days before Valentine’s Day. This should be grabbed as an ultimate opportunity for fun and indulgence, with whoever is close to   Read More ...


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