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Your job is too stressful! Due to technological advances, the workplace is changing dramatically. This has led to higher expectations being placed on the employee. He or she is expected to learn and master new technological devices that are introduced at the workplace ostensibly to make work easier. New management   Read More ...

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Are you thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor? If so then this short guide will let you know about the world of Zumba. By getting a better understanding about Zumba as an overall form of exercise and dance you can decide if instructing is for you. This article will also   Read More ...

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Bodybuilding is the art of the human physique. At first, undergoing a bodybuilding transformation may feel like a game with the reward of aesthetic beauty luring in the uninitiated. Bodybuilding can take a person from a place of ignorance into a new-found understanding and respect for the human body. Those   Read More ...

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Maybe you’re one of those fortunate people who lives somewhere that doesn’t get too cold.  I am not one of those people. It gets cold.  It gets snowy.  It gets windy.  It gets miserable.  Eww, I’m not looking forward to it! Now that the weather is turning cooler, it is   Read More ...

I finally had the time to look for a decent bike I could use to commute around my lovely city of Chicago.  After a couple of test rides, I decided on a used Trek hybrid that was in pretty good condition. Now, I love to bike around whenever I get   Read More ...

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The BerryRipe team has discovered a new must use service called! Just launched last week by the same family of brands that brought us,,,, and, has everything you need to live life green from groceries to household essentials, baby to pet products,   Read More ...

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During a routine eye examination, an optometrist or ophthalmologist will evaluate visual acuity. The result is expressed as two numerical values, such as 20/20 or 20/40. Everyone has heard these numbers before, but what really is 20/20 vision? Visual acuity can be defined as the degree of visual clarity. It   Read More ...

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As the weather starts to cool and runners of all ages begin moving their training outside, it’s easy to get bored with the regular running events and 5k fundraisers in every hometown. Be sure to mark these fresh races on your calendar to keep motivated and moving! Here are some   Read More ...

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The smoothie is a fantastic reminder of just how great it feels to put real, fresh fruits and vegetables into your body.  After you start the day with a smoothie, fast food doesn’t feel quite as appetizing. The smoothie is a classic, frothy drink combining the best flavors, blending them harmoniously to   Read More ...


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